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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Something to Read

Of course I'm still suggesting you read the works posted at, but here's something to read that will help your writing and lift your spirits. Check out the ezine "The Verb" at .

Ok, I've got work to do... Still dealing with a case of double conjunctivitis, too (yes, when I do something, I do it in a BIG way :p). We're on medicine #2 as the first had no impact at all (what fun!).

Anyhow--hope things are better for all of you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Re-Kindle Your Love of Reading

So I was listening to the Sunday stock report this morning (yes, I listen to that sort of stuff as well as a wide variety of music) and they mentioned that 's stock is up and a nice chunk of that is due to sales of the Kindle (I think they said 6 million, but I was Elancing).

What the heck's a Kindle and why should I care? A Kindle is a "wireless reading device." My husband summarized--"It's an iPod for books." From what I can tell, he's said it, in a nutshell. Essentially, Amazon ran with the idea of having a handheld device that allows you to read on a monochrome screen (for high contrast, of course). You can connect (to their bookstore) anytime for free! If you first pay $360 for the privilege of owning this particular device ;-).

Chatting with the venerable Deb Blake ;-) today, she pointed out that she'd prefer books. And I wondered... How many of us love the feel and scent and visual impact of a book over the convenience of uploading and downloading? It's something I've thought about before--I even like the sound of pages when I ruffle them. Maybe I'd enjoy the Kindle, but anything smaller than my laptop usually falls into the nebulous folds and pockets of my purse or bag--seldom to emerge in the same condition (a hazard of having a curious 4 year old ;-).

So, what would it take for you to try a Kindle? I'll try darn near anything once, if provided with the appropriate and necessary tools (in this case, the Kindle). But short of that, I'm a paper page turner. Yes, it's not the greenest thing about me, but my novels don't require batteries and I don't need to read a manual to read them.

Besides, there's always TextNovel... :-)

So, anyone out there have a Kindle and want to tell me about it?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just for Fun...

Okay, sometimes my brain becomes oatmeal, but I enjoy(envy ;-) the creativity of others especially in those moments. So here are a few cute links authors should check out--

When you're searching for an agent and get discouraged, go here.

When you've hit a moment of utter disillusionment with the writing and publishing process, go here.

When you're imaging what you might do when you hit the big time as an author, go here.

Need cute advise on revising? Try this one. Yep, I think I'm officially a Jackson Pearce fan. Ah, well.

It's great to find such cute and clever stuff--kudos to the creators!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Plugging Along on

More and more folks are joining --get over there and prowl through the virtual pages! Start reading or writing on your cell phone is free (at least from the TextNovel side--I guess the rest depends on your phone's service).

I'm still working on my "Of Storms, Seas and Pirates" cell phone novel (and one called "Phonies") over at, but my time is being eaten away by visiting in-laws (who I wouldn't trade for the world), moving more worldly possessions (which I'm finding more and more I don't really need) from our old place to the new one, helping move in the owner at the old place (because he believes we have more time than we ever do) and Elance. Ah, Elance (I think my head's gonna' explode while working my way through one job with a foreign publishing house).

I haven't been doing the prompts I want to, and even when I'm trying to "come down" after a long day I'm getting assaulted by ideas for new novels. I appreciate each one, but MAN! I need to be able to finish what I've started. And, if all holds true, it looks like two more Elance jobs (one editing, one illustrating) will head my way before summer's end. I know I should be grateful. I AM grateful. But I'm also overwhelmed with work-related writing and it's squeezing out my creative writing. Ugh.

I hope things are going better for all of you!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Manic Monday: Bibliophobia

If it's Manic Monday (and boy, buddy, is it--the in-laws are coming! ;-) then we need a fresh mania or phobia to make us think... Today's phobia is Bibliophobia.

Simply put, bibliophobia is a fear of books. Now this doesn't strike me as a common ailment, although who knows when you consider an Internet audience (as the Internet is technically book-free)? So, let's consider two characters, one with biliophobia...

Martin was a well-bred man, the first son of a prominent family. There was money and power in his lineage, Susan's mother had assured. And virility. Yes, her mother had pointed out, naming a long list of his sibling, Martin came from quite a line.

Susan cared very little about Martin's attributes. At this stage in her life a match was a necessity as she teetered on the edge of spinsterhood. Had she not also been one of a line, she might not have cared so much. But there were three siblings set to inherit ahead of her and she had two choices--the convent or Martin.

Her siblings had all made fair matches for themselves, but Susan had not been so fortunate. "Too quick to speak her mind." "Too fast to point out my mistakes." "Too fascinated by research." There had been a list of complaints longer than Martin's list of siblings.

And, having never put much faith into organized religion, Susan hoped Martin would be the better choice.

"He's here, lady," the maid bobbed in and out.

A tall, slender man stepped into the room, surveying the place like he already had a claim to its contents. Dark and handsome with a dangerous air that Susan immediately found distasteful, he strode forward. Ah yes, Susan recalled. He had hunted lions in darkest Africa. He had a predatory nature etched in his every glance and move.

Susan stood and closed the book she had been reading.

Martin shrieked, eyes wide.

"Well, I admit it is not Shakespeare," she said tersely, waving the book, "But every book has its merit."

Martin danced backward on quick feet. "Keep it away," he choked, eyes locked on the embossed cover.

"For Heaven's sake. It is merely a collection of John Locke's essays." She paused, noticing how his face drained of all color. "What's this, then? Are you frightened of this book?"

"All--books..." he scuttled backwards , knocking into the wall.

"Dear me," she whispered, falling back onto the loveseat. "I think I am destined for the convent after all..."

Ok, your turn--what might happen if someone had bibliophobia (other than the fact they'd never have an overdue book fine...)?

Always curious...

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