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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

3WW: Indifferent, Pour, Reason

This week's 3 Word Wednesday list is: indifferent, pour and reason. I'm still thinking about this one for here, but I have an idea for my Dreams in Red: Anne Bonny site...

I'll be back...



writerwoman said...

I haven't written a 3ww story in forever. Maybe I'll try it again this week.


Saoirse Redgrave said...


I (obviously) didn't get it done *here* this week, but I am playing with what I think is an interesting idea...

I started working my way through more of my Anne Bonny novel (I had it mentioned here as my WIP #2) by answering a random prompt a day and posting them at my "Dreams in Red" (
site. I'm then putting them in order in my layout document (sort of an ordered outline)and then I'll stitch them together. Hopefully I'll wind up with something relatively cohesive ;-).

Anyhow, prompts have become very important to me for that reason. I'd love to have time to answer prompts here and at "Dreams in Red," but right now Anne's story is very much on my mind (and I have little time as we move from one house to another...).

Give the prompts a try again, Sara, I'm often surprised at what they bring up for me. :-)

Take care!

Deborah Blake said...

I'll give you a prompt! REad MY book! (Tee hee.)

How about something about a mysterious dog/wolf that shows up and befriends a little boy...

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Ah, hey Deb! Yep, there goes the neighborhood... ;-)Ahem, actually--thank goodness you found the place again! :p

Hmm, a strange dog befriending a young boy--perhaps a stray black lab, thin with hunger (poor baby!) who refuses to harass my cattle although the coyotes probably chased her into their pen? Sounds familiar ;-)

J asked me tonight when I'd write a children's book for him (he's been watching me work on this darned 3 Little Pigs Elance project ;-) for the past few weeks... He is MUCH more excited by it at this point than I am, but oh well). Meanwhile my gal Margaret (the Texan I edited a YA fantasy novel for)is trudging through her last set of edits and expects to send it my way by summer's end (I'm also illustrating for her--yes, a paying illo gig to top it off--I think this means I'll need to carry copies of it to any shows I do to rep it for her then, too. Holy heck--am I risking becoming an agent? YIKES! ;-)

And the Korean educational publisher (also via Elance) is booking me for article writing and editor for other people's pieces it appears--My brain's fuzzing up with juggling just what was in my Elance inbox tonight--heck, 20 other schools to summarize, too--also just showed up tonight!


Read your book, huh? (For anyone stumbling by this blog and not being familiar with the work of Deborah Blake, check it out--she's on book 3 with Llewelyn--did I spell that right?--and working on crossing into the fiction marketplace with a --como se dice-- contemporary fantasy? paranormal chick lit? novel. VERY promising stuff. Read her books. They are entertaining and educational (sorry, Deb, that's about the highest praise I can hand out this late at night ;-).

So Deb, did you send out the envelope to that Fogelsville agent today? I tend to agree that your query's fine, the synopsis and book are both strong (tweaking can be done, but it can be overdone, too--so I'd hold off) and you're just in that frustrating stage of finding the right agent for what you're doing and wanting to do. The waiting sucks, but I know you'll find the right one for the job eventually. You have LOTS of options.

I could yammer on, but I need sleep (otherwise even more run-on sentences will be spawned here) and we'll all get together soon to clip coupons and "talk shop" (Good gosh, aren't our lives exciting ;-)?)

Moral of the story--good book (I think I may have read more of it than you think I did, btw), good author, good future. What's the word I'm looking for? Ah yes--Patience? ;-)

Take care!

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