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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 Word Wednesday: Gamble, Omitted, Temporary

Ok, ok--so I did my 3 Word Wednesday prompt, but I did it as part of my TextNovel on I actually used mine in the 3rd section of my "Of Storms, Seas, and Pirates" (a somewhat more magical interpretation of pirate Anne Bonny's early life).

I think this will successfully link you to the right section--you can vote on the TextNovel thus far, but I don't think you can truly comment there (from what I understand). Hmm.

Maybe folks'll comment here, maybe it's too awkward to do the reading and then come back to comment... Guess we'll see. ;-)

Anyhow, the previous formatting is fixed and things are looking readable. Yeah! :-)


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Read It and Weep ;-)

Okay, okay, so I'm experiencing a tiny bit of frustration with the formatting of my text through It may simply be because I'm not actually texting in my text (I can't believe I just typed that phrase and my computer didn't explode ;-). I can't text in my text. I'm Pennsylvania Dutch.

What the heck does that have to do with anything, you may well wonder! We tend to have short, thick fingers. Hmm. Pretty often we have short, thick waists, too, come to think of it. So we are doubly damned in this era of high fashion models and text-messaging ;-). Besides the fact I live out (waaay out) in the countryside and must drive about 5 miles to get a cell signal. So, old-fashioned me, I'm typing my text in from my laptop ;-). For some reason the formatting doesn't stick (I've contacted tech support and I'm sure they'll educate me appropriately :-). But until they can help me out, I have huge single paragraphs that run the length of entire chapters.

Don't get me wrong--it's still readable, but it looks daunting. I can just imagine ADHD readers' heads exploding when they glimpse my first chapter (maybe that's just the certified teacher in me, though). I noticed some of the other writers actually have theirs looking like you could read it on a cell phone--I wonder if they texted (yikes--is that proper conjugation?) their text in from a cell phone.

So, I'm just waiting to see what I need to do to make my stuff more readable before I post too much more. I'm liking my story thus far, I'm liking the site (other than this little snare) and their founder. I haven't chatted with any of the other board members, but I'm sure they're decent, too :-).

Maybe tomorrow after I drop my kid off at his summer program I'll try seeing if I can access the site on my cell phone. I'm curious to see what it looks like on the cell phone screen, too.

Once I'm happier with the look of it, I'll link so you can pop right over to my story (because of course you will :-). Until then I'm afraid you're eyes will bleed if my chapters are too long. Perhaps I need to study the venue a bit more...

Anyhow--I'm having fun with writing my TextNovel--still learning the ropes!

Keep writing (and reading)!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yep, so I’m going to give it a go and try the whole thing.

Here are my reasons:

1.) You can’t read much on a cell phone screen, so chapters and sections should (I think) be pretty short. My brain seems to work best during short bouts of lucidity, so woo-hoo! ;-)

2.) Short amounts of reading mean short amounts of writing and that’s all I can squeeze in with my hectic schedule.

3.) I’ve toyed with the idea that most novel concepts I’ve devised can be reworked for multiple audiences and different, distinct tones and levels of maturity. For example, the Tam Lin stories are really quite adult in nature but can be toned-down significantly if one just thinks about it. So it’s not like I’ll necessarily lose anything by participating in (especially as they’ve tweaked out their contract to be much more author-friendly).

4.) I could actually rally some interest in my writing by making it available in a different venue. Publishers do like to know you at least have people’s interest—eh, that’s a double-edged sword, depending on whom you talk to.

5.) I could work on a set of actual deadlines—I think it might be cool to have a new section or chapter available at a regular time each day or week. I need deadlines, by the way. ;-)

6.) I want to try out some new and funky publishing venue. Cell phone novels may just be it—who knows?

7.) And they're running a contest--I'm a sucker for contests!

So—now that's got a new and friendlier contract—anyone else gonna’ give it a try?

Seriously curious,

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cellphone Novel Redeeming Itself?

You may recall my relatively recent (well, relatively recent when you consider my sudden lack of internet, a couple power outages and the time that moving a household and fulfilling Elance obligations require ;-) posts (perhaps even rants) about, the beta cellphone novel site for United States citizens.

At the time of my last posting, the contract language of was definitely "wanting." It was waaay heavy on the publisher's rights to anything you might post/publish on the site and could have really messed up what starry-eyed authors may have hoped for with their early publishing experiences.


That post got founder, Stan Soper's, attention. He was kind enough (and humble enough) to realize the clause he'd figured was pretty standard was actually not necessarily fair to would-be writers. He suggested (via comments) an alternate clause he could replace the previous one with.

Unfortunately it was between the time of my post and his posts that my internet came to a squealing (like an angry piglet) halt. I had no idea Stan had posted his comments and only realized and replied (briefly) last night.

I hopped over to his site just a few minutes ago to see if the contract language had indeed changed. It has. Here's the new clause:

2. Content: Textnovel does not acquire ownership of the content you publish on the Site, unless you win the Textnovel contest (and in that case, only the rights specified in the Contest Rules and in any publication agreement you sign). When you publish content on the Site, you continue to retain all ownership to the content, subject to the license terms described herein.

* You retain all rights to any content you submit to Textnovel, except for whatever rights you grant if you are the winner of the Textnovel Contest, pursuant to the Contest Rules (and you will have the chance to approve the grant of those rights at the time you choose to accept the prize). However, you understand that Textnovel will have the right to display your "public" works to its readers.

* You represent that you are the sole and exclusive creator of any content you submit, or have a valid license or agreement to post the content, and have the authority to grant the foregoing license. You represent that the content you provide to Textnovel does not contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, data, or personal information in or connected to Textnovel.

Now THAT's a heck of a lot better! I must congratulate Mr. Soper on his willingness to revisit and revise contract language which might frighten off potential authors.

So, Saoirse, (you may be asking yourself ;-) How do you feel about now?

I feel MUCH better about Let's be frank (when aren't we? ;-) --It has a ton of potential, especially for genres attracting young and tech-savvy audiences (in my mind that's the YA market, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Romance, initially) .

Will we ever see gobs of Westerns and memoirs as cellphone novels? Maybe someday... My Dad consumes Westerns faster than I can down good coffee, but he still gets stumped by his cellphone ("the electronic tether," as he jokingly calls it). I think if TextNovel gets the press it needs it can be a great start for writers--maybe even their chosen venue, in time.

If TextNovel were my cellphone novel site what would I be doing next? I'd find some writers to hit any and all blogs, ezines, mags, etc. on TextNovel's behalf as fast and as hard as possible (while still being pertinent and not pesky). I'd get a MySpace and Facebook account for TextNovel. I'd do press releases like crazy. Any news agency that covered the cellphone novel craze in Asia would be getting a press release from me, too. I'd look up any tech-related conventions or literary-type events that a TextNovel board member can get to and at least get fliers on tables or in bags, if not set up a table/booth (I could even suggest a few of these, personally). I'd get an ad on the NaNoWriMo site in hopes of snagging great stories at the end of this year's November run. I'd offer a few widgets so folks participating in TextNovel can post a visual link to their story from their blog or site. A couple of well-placed ads in mags like Writer's Digest and The Writer... But it all has to be done like yesterday because of the lag time faced by regular print magazines.

I really do wish TextNovel the best--there is some cool potential for it. Will I personally submit a book? I'm considering it again, thanks to Stan Soper. :-)

Thanks, Stan! Much luck! :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Internet

Sorry--no net right now--driving 20 minutes each way to get to a connection--blogging not priority right now, Elance must be.

Back as soon as I can be!

Keep writing!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

3WW: Indifferent, Pour, Reason

This week's 3 Word Wednesday list is: indifferent, pour and reason. I'm still thinking about this one for here, but I have an idea for my Dreams in Red: Anne Bonny site...

I'll be back...


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