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Friday, October 05, 2007

Yesterday...(Tangent Alert)

So, the odds were nearly even at the first meeting of our little writers group--3 adult women and 3 children under the age of 4. The cat seemed to tip the balance, though, when she adroitly grabbed the fork from one child's left over macaroni and cheese, probably hoping to go in search of meatier fare.

Who were the three women? Deb Blake (I've mentioned her here once or twice--she has two books contracted through Llewellyn--Circle, Coven & Grove is already available and her next book comes out next September) initiated the meeting (so it's all her fault ;-). Deb's current works are nonfiction and she really wants to try a paranormal romance novel. She's got something started already and, frankly, it sounds pretty darn good. I was present, too (no kidding, right?) and, like the super nerd I am, I brought a handful of different things and put them into folders for the others to keep. Did I bring "Hollow Hearts and Hollow Hills?" Oddly enough, I didn't. I'm not totally sure why I didn't, but, as Deb and Robin both knew I was working on a "trashy romance," talk turned to "Hollow Hearts and Hollow Hills" anyhow. Now I'm expected to produce 10 pages a month. Yes, yes--it's a good thing. Robin rounded out our trio, she's the youngest of us by about a half-dozen years, and has a hard drive that looks like mine. Lots of things started. Lots of ideas and worlds in creation--nothing totally done to the point she wants. She's going to work on a paranormal YA novel. She has some neat characters and a nice plot line that should twist well at key points.

All in all, a good group with good intentions--uh oh--we all know what path good intentions puts us on... ;-) But really, I greatly enjoyed the discussion and brief reading (even when things were interrupted by potty breaks and snack time--both mainly the kids, not us ;-).

Today I ran to Hallstead (maybe that's one "l") to meet with my father and brother. My minivan began to overheat (and why not--it is a record-setting day for heat in the area and the van only recently cost me $500+ to get this same issue fixed). So, as I'm watching the temperature gage ratchet its way higher and higher, I've got the windows rolled down and the heat pumping through to cool the engine. That was when a song I can only presume is called "Hot Mama" began to play on the radio. Yeah. Funny.

After seeing "the fam," I headed back towards Binghamton (and the nearest Barnes and Noble--yes, sad that I drive an hour from my home to find the nearest respectably-sized bookstore). My son recently proved he's truly potty-trained and had picked out a "big boy toy" (an interactive book about drawing--in the B & N bargain section) that we needed to get. I picked up "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and "I am Rembrandt's Daughter" for a number of reasons (long trip on Thursday and Monday for one). The van rebelled a couple more times (my father had checked the coolant level and filled it up again), but I believe the issue is indeed the fan (another thought of my father's). So, continuous movement--forward momentum = good. Hey--that's just like writing, isn't it. Ain't life funny that way?

Take care!


RomanceWriter said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I love talking shop with other writers.

RomanceWriter said...

I gave you an award at my blog. Its a meme where each blogger names five other bloggers who make them smile.

Hope all is going well with you,


Anonymous said...

Just stoppping in to check on you. I hope the writing is going well.


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