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Friday, September 07, 2007

Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Writing

The good folks at Sunday Scribblings want to know what we think of when we think of writing or when we write. Hmm...

There was a time I didn't think when writing, I simply poured. Words fell out of my pens and off of my pencils then and I indulged in stream of consciousness writing. Raw and unbridled, my emotions lay exposed on the pages of a cheap hardcover journal. When I didn't write my heart out (I was a teen, after all, so writing my heart out was frequently necessary then) I wrote fan fiction, learning the basics of characterization and plot using other people's works.

I wrote through my teen angst and through my youthful imagination. My own characters and body of work started to grow out of those moments of childhood (and often childish) writing. I won publication when I was still a child. It opened a realm of possibilities to me. Suddenly I knew there was a bigger venue possible. Perhaps my words and thoughts wouldn't simply stagnate on a page with premade lines--perhaps they'd go further and be shared with others.

So I tried writing for others. It didn't work. If I tried writing to suit someone else's needs, it felt hollow to me. Cheap. I struggled to find a balance. Sometimes I stopped writing (but never for long because it tugged at my mind, paper and pen beckoning and teasing long before I could afford a computer). Whenever I would begin again, my mood lightened (even when writing on dark topics) and I felt almost unfettered.

Writing got me through my grandmother's sudden illness, my teen struggles with identity and peers, and most recently--Writing got me through the early death of my mother. When I could do nothing but be there, I could still find security in the fact that my stories (Hollow Hearts and Hollow Hills and others) were waiting... Controllable in their own reassuring ways.

Life throws conflicts at us constantly, sometimes we expect them, other times they're so much more than we could dare expect. In writing we control the conflicts. We throw them at our characters and watch them grow despite the struggle. In writing, we are all gods for as long as the pen or pencil touches paper or our fingers coax something from a keyboard. The tools change, the stories change, but our power is at least a constant in the realm of our own wordcraft. So write!

Much love!


RomanceWriter said...

The third paragraph reminds me so much of myself and my own writing journey.

Jo said...

This is beautiful.......and really resonates.

gautami tripathy said...

You write very well. I have followed your stories.

Anonymous said...

What a joyous take on writing! I need to borrow some of this from you. ;) Great post. :)

Portals Unknown said...

Well done - I have really enjoyed reading your blogs! :)

Jo said...

Really enjoyed this, nicely put.

GreenishLady said...

I just love that final paragraph. It has such power! thank you.

MissMeliss said...

Fascinating, the aspect of control. I've added your blog to my feed reader for later exploration.

Robin said...

I love the description of words pouring out of your pen and off of your pencil.

Very lyrical.

Patois said...

Write indeed! Thanks for the insights into you and your craft.

lisrobbe said...

This was nice. So true to what writing stands for lot's of people.

e_journeys said...

Amen! And good luck! I'm on the verge of experiencing my first novel publication (more about that here) and am currently writing the sixth (and I think last) book in my series. Started writing, submitting, and getting published when I was a teenager in the 70s.

I am immensely grateful for the Magic that lets us translate our own corners of the human condition into stories that resonate with others. Keep up the great work and keep persevering!

Rob Kistner said...

I still 'pour' -- then I gather and cull... and pour some more.

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