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Friday, September 21, 2007

Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Hi, My Name is...

This week's Sunday Scribblings prompt was "Hi, my name is..." We're supposed to introduce ourselves or a character, or something. Since people have occasionally said they like the amount of research I pour into my writing, I thought I'd introduce someone I'll be writing about for NaNoWriMo ("The Barrister's Bastard") and see if anyone can guess who she is. Still working out a few details, but 98% of my research and timelining's done. So here:

Greetin’s, love! You and I haven’t had the pleasure of meetin’ yet, but as yer here, I may as well introduce meself. Aye, that’s a wee bit of a lilt ye may be hearin’ in me voice. I was raised in Ireland ‘til me father’s scandal was discovered and he brought me and me mother to Carolina.

What was the scandal? Me mum was naught but me father’s wife’s maid. His wife discovered his wee indiscretion when she slept in the maid’s bed one night and he sneaked in to have a bit more ‘an the regular service... Needless to say, both of ‘em were quite surprised!

Life in Carolina was good. Me father settled us in Charles Towne and claimed us as his legitimate wife and daughter. He started business again as a bit of a barrister and then bought a proper plantation to better establish us in society. He tried to raise me to be a proper lady, but I was fascinated by men’s pursuits. I learned how to run the plantation and received enough of an education in weaponry to strip me swordmaster’s clothing from him, button by button. When a young gentleman – I use the term loosely— attacked me, I beat him so severely with a chair he was abed for several weeks.

I had a bit of the devil in me, I reckon, and ‘twas that that led me to the docks where I met me husband, Jamie. Me father wouldn’t suffer him as me spouse as he was nuthin’ but a bootless soldier and privateer. But there was the light of adventure in his eyes and—and I was still young then. Me father cast us out and in the heat of me foolish passion the plantation burned. Jamie and I set sail for warmer waters and more tropical settings. New Providence, we call it. I made friends quickly and left James when he turned informer on our mutual friends.

I had a few relationships, made a few mistakes along the way. I still insist that knockin’ that wench’s teeth out at the ball was one of the best decisions I ever made—she was quite simply rude and I will not suffer disrespect. So James and I haven’t been together for a while now. Still stings his pride to see me with me new man...

Aye, that’s him o’er there in the fancy calico cloth. Bit of a coxcomb, but he’s quite a captain, too. Just needed to be inspired by a fierce woman. But enough about him, you were askin' 'bout me. Oh, ye weren't? So much the better!

Here—have a drink and rest yer weary bones. The night is young and we’ve just gott'n news that Blackbeard’s been killed. Let’s all raise a glass to the best damned pirate among this beleaguered bunch! To Blackbeard!

Any ideas or guesses? Some of you will surely get it quickly as pirates have been "hot" over the past couple of years. Good luck! And for more "Hi, my name is..." participants, go here...

Have a great weekend! Enjoy!
PS--I will reveal the "lady's" (and I use THAT term loosely) identity Monday morning by 10 am. Stop back in if you aren't sure, or if you're curious...Also, take a moment to take the new survey at the page's bottom, please. Your time is MUCH appreciated!


paisley said...

although i loved the tale,, and the "voice" was perfect... i have no clue as to who she may be....

Jo said...

No guesses but lashings of praise!

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Thanks Paisley and Jo ;-) Come back Monday morning after 10 am and if no one has figured it out, I'll have revealed her identity by then :-)

Glad you stopped in!

Robin said...

Ooh ooh, it's Ann Bonny! I just saw a documentary about her recently.

Love the excerpt. She'll be a cheeky one to write about.

paris parfait said...

That's an interesting story, although I can't guess the identity of the character.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Robin--nice job! You are correct, it IS Anne Bonny. She's one of those characters in history that's just "troubled" enough to be fascinating...

Thanks, Paris Parfait ;-) It was fun to get inside Anne's head again.

Take care!

MissMeliss said...

Ohh, Anne Bonny! I love a good pirate tale.

Good luck!

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Thanks, MissMeliss, glad you stopped by! :-)


tumblewords said...

I haven't a clue but I impressed by your having so much pre-work accomplished for Nanowrimo. I'll go in nude again for my third novel -

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Thanks, Tumblewords! I've never done NaNoWriMo before, but I'm a researcher and want to feel prepared when I get going with the actual writing.

I'm still finding my characters' voices. It's sort of like "channeling", I guess. My characters are dead and I'm trying to resurrect them and hear their "voices" again.

I'm excited about NaNoWriMo!

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