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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Me and My Sporadic Lifestyle

My son's in the background suggesting I make pancakes, my surprise overnight guest has now departed, the animals are fed and I've sprawled some work out on the dining room table (my not-so-secret-sin when my husband leaves for his work ;-). I'm on my second cup of coffee--the cold snap following two days of rain signaled coyote activity last night.

They howled, I got up and checked the livestock. I crawled back in bed and they howled from a closer location. Back and forth we went, I throwing on pants boots and grabbing the flashlight (no gun necessary yet--they aren't quite so bold until nearer winter (I hope). They woke me 3 times last night. My son (with occasional night terrors and growth spurts) woke me 4 times.

I apologize for not getting everybody's comments posted in a timely manner, I've been busy. I really do appreciate everyone's comments. They brighten my days. :-)

So, other than coyote stuff, what has kept me away from my blog? RESEARCH. This gets me every so often. It seems when I get stressed, I get an undeniable urge to learn something new. This can be good, as one of my sisters-in-law says, "You can talk about anything with anybody. You're so smart." Eh. It might be more helpful if I didn't occasional sink into definite times of absolutely antisocial behavior, I guess ;-) . Or if I got invited to more social events, I guess :p . So, anyhow...

I now have about 200 index cards filled with facts (and a handful of speculations) regarding a historically-based situation that (if handled well) could lend itself to a cool romance or a trilogy of YA books. The characters are neat enough without me tweaking them too much (truth often being stranger than fiction) but the occasional "legends" that arose around them have messed up the timeline. Different sources disagree on when certain things happened. Some disagree on WHAT happened. So I guess I'll be going back to the earliest documents I can find without traveling more than 2000 miles to a far warmer climate. Thank goodness for the internet and public domain resources ;-) . Maybe I'll put my research to good use for NaNoWriMo.

I'm a bit bummed out that I don't have "Hollow Hearts and Hollow Hills" finished and published yet... There's an event I'm going to as my "real name" that it would be gobbled up at. I just need to get it done and see what happens, I guess. I'd really like a release date in September/October for "Hollow Hearts and Hollow Hills" because of the last chapters. Hmm... Maybe I'll get lucky (if I can get it done pretty fast...). Next year's supposed to be a good one for us "rats" anyway...

Ok, I'm officially rambling and my son's running naked in my kitchen.

Gotta' go (before he does ;-) !


RomanceWriter said...

LOL at your comment about your son runnning naked around the house.

Your research for your novels impresses me. I set all mine in Chicago or some fictional Indiana town to avoid research.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Yes, my son often adds much-needed comic relief around here.

Eh, I just love research. I sometimes think that doing what you do would be far more freeing...

Ah well--the grass is always greener, isn't it?


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