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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tangent Alert: Escapism

I'm here trying to pry my eyes open this morning--my instant cappuccino close at hand... I wish mine was as pretty as that one above, but mine's in a nearly olive green mug, no saucer, no elegant swirl of foam.

But then, this--waking at 6 to see the hubby off to his first day back at school (other than the obligatory summer work days when he could go in later), flipping on the "god light" (so-named because it shines blindingly bright) because a chicken made an odd noise...

Yes, this is my current reality. Do I love it? Eh. I love aspects of it. I love being so close to the earth, even though it means I'll be going out and graining the livestock soon. I love knowing the veggies grown in my garden are organic and I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get them. I love knowing the assorted livestock I raise is respected and treated to pasture and fresh dandelion greens and treated well up until it's on my plate (tho' it's respected even there). I love the tiny nook of a valley we're nestled in and the way the mist has to peel off the mountaintops each morning. I love that my son is learning so much about life's value. So I get up early and I do the stuff a homesteader generally does, and sometimes I escape doing those things (and bigger issues) here.

I think that's what makes blogging so attractive. Escape. Let's face it, considering what we're inundated with in the paper and on the news, can we blame anyone (or dare we judge anyone) for wanting some escape? Think back to earlier days in romance publishing--days when women were struggling more openly for any shred of equality they could. Was it any wonder they would escape into a book men viewed as paltry?

Any big surprise that the hero then would be a strapping alpha male who, though messed up, could be changed eventually into something fabulous? Are we not now seeing such trends on the upswing again? The alpha male (the powerful and potent protector) seems to be making a comeback in romances. And why not?

Our military is still in a war that's dragging out too long, the housing market's not doing so well (the economy's soft), gas prices are gougingly high and our President's still insisting he's right about everything. In contrast, we want a legitimate alpha male who can be changed (which requires knowing he was wrong) and sweep us off our feet. No big surprise that romance is hot today. So yes, I'll take escape--my mental vacation--any day gladly.

Hope you're enjoy a bit of a mental vacation being here--no more words on war or reality (outside of publishing) for a while ;-).

Take care!
PS--Poll at the bottom of the page--which of those classics have you read?

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