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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tangent Alert: 101 Facts Meme: 1-21

Occasionally it's good to do a self-assessment, right? I was over at another writer's blog (I'll post a link when I get an additional moment) and saw the 101 Facts thingee. I had seen it before on a friend's site (and promptly forgot about it). But I thought: What the heck? Surely I can come up with 101 facts about myself.

So, lest I bore you with such trivial things, just look at the title and if it says "Tangent Alert" be forewarned. It will not be educational, nor will it be directly related to my romance writing. :p

1. I was raised in the "Fitzgerald House" (which all the locals still call the blasted thing, regardless of the fact that my parents have owned it for more than 35 years, doubled its size and fixed the entire interior and exterior to the point I doubt a Fitzgerald would recognize it now).
2. My father's family was Pennsylvania Dutch, my mother's was Southern (Scotch-Irish). I think this means I should be far tighter with money than I am ;-)
3. My mother inspired me to draw and pursue art at an early age when I asked her to draw a person for me and she insisted all she could do was draw a wonky little stick figure (which she demonstrated on the back of an envelope). She empowered me when I was only in Kindergarten.
4. I still write and draw on the backs of envelopes as a result of that moment (drives my husband crazy ;-).
5. I love chocolate and even worked part of one summer at a Godiva factory (yeah, that packed on some pounds--but it made me popular at Christmas--company discounts rule! :-).
6. I worked at a belt factory, counting belts one summer (good Lord, you never know how bad leather can smell until you've done that).
7. The best tip I ever got was $100 for leading a tour through a cave.
8. The best money I ever earned (for the least effort) was $600 for about 4 hours' work doing pencil sketches for an author's book.
9. I was a national level champ in shooting as a child and went out to the Olympic Training Center several times for competition and training.
10. I own 7 Jacob sheep, 8 Barred Rock hens, 8 Barred Rock chicks, 5 baby turkeys, 1 Polish chicken (a freebie), 4 Ameracaunas, 10 Cornish-Rock Crosses and one dog of questionable parentage :-) .
11. Soon I will have a fold of 3 Scottish Highland Cattle (the 4th is something we're still in talks about).
12. I have been the leader of an international art/craft guild.
13. I have organized and helped to fundraise significant quantities of money to help fight cancer.
14. I was first published in the 8th grade (a story I didn't like but that fit the length requirement).
15. I have earned money as a storyteller at a historical festival as a child (I used puppets, too).
16. I am more frightened of speaking and demostrating things to my direct peers than unruly and "dangerous" teens.
17. My pregnancy was a very taxing event, during which I was threatened with hospitalization more than twice.
18. When I am truly focused on a task, I become downright unfriendly (but luckily for most, I also become antisocial so they don't see it).
19. I think every gal should own a strand of real pearls.
20. I believe society could improve drastically if we supported more positive ways of children demonstrating their "coming of age."
21. I write here with a pseudonym as respect for my mother and her people who would be scandalized if they knew I was attempting romances.

Ugh. Ok, that's 1/5 of the total... Time to sleep!

How often do you do some vague form of self-assessment?

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