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Thursday, March 15, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different....

Ok, I have some research I need to do as I'm preparing to write my next scene in my novel "Hollow Hearts and Hollow Hills"...

My Tam Lin is going to guide my heroine through the woods, showing her the beauty and power of the surroundings that she has overlooked in her frustration over her current situation. I dealt with my dear little Stonechat in a way Eduard Morike (where's that darned umlaut?) would approve of (I think), so I'm moving on...

So I've dragged out a few herb and plant books (and a text on cures and traditional spells using some of the plants I found are in the region I'm writing about), dug up my earlier research and am trying to get over the fact that if I write today, it'll probably be a brief amount :-(

Last night (this is what the post title refers to, if you wondered) I burnt up some valuable time messing around with a potential banner design for my book.

This is A.Writer's (a Novel Racer, too) fault ;-) . I noticed she has a mock-up for her novel's cover on her site and a neat "countdown" thing on her blog's bottom... Technology being a temptation for me (I love what I can't understand--many single women might equate such a description to men, too ;-) I clicked to see where she got her neat-o countdown. For about a day I had one, too.

But it had a typo I couldn't correct. Suddenly NOT loving it as much, I browsed the site for other fun toys.

Low and behold, they have a banner-maker (ok, so I have to do the art, but it LOOKS simple after that...). So off I ran (virtually) and got started throwing together something I can eventually make look better.

My hubby got involved (he often saves me when technology stumps me) and we played with an idea last night. Don't be scared by what you see next--we're just messing around :-) Here's what we did so far...

Things I KNOW I want to change--I want my rose blossom to be more obvious (maybe I'll fill it); I want to add another rose I also found (public domain, baby!) and elongate the stems to create a better "line"; I think I want a bit of blue for the moat; change MY name's color; get the title to "pop" more; add a bit of Celtic-inspired border that fades in and out; and add a brief summary/teaser. I may even change my entire set of colors to match the "traditional" tartan from the Ettrick Forest (although tartans are of a much later time period, the colors should be good as a reflection of the landscape).

So anyhow, it's like a totally new wip... And yes, I know what I'd like on the cover (like that matters in the real world), but it requires a photo-collage of sorts...

Anyhow, what things OTHER than writing do you do to keep you envisioning your own success?

1 comment:

A. Writer said...

Great banner! The mock up of my front cover was me putting off doing some writing! I'm naughty!

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