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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

6 Weird Things...Hmm...

Ok, let me give this a try. Some of these are weird things about me, some are just weird things surrounding me. Fact is, in High School we used to say if you aren't weird, you're bound to be dull...

1.) While pregnant I had such an attack of claustrophobia that I had to race past the in-laws at the table and just stand outside and breathe. It helped, generally, except that--

2.) I can make myself claustrophobic standing in an open field. Just think about the limits of atmosphere, the statistics of pollution, the destruction of the rainforests and the hole in the ozone and see if your throat doesn't constrict a bit.

3.) At age 12 I was a winner in a national shooting competition.

4.) I caught lances for a tremendous jouster (full contact jousting company) at a briefly-lived Renaissance Faire. I was invited to go on a US tour with the company. I turned them down, saying I was engaged. They offered to pay his way, too. I turned them down again because I was just finishing my pro sem and headed into student teaching.

5.) I have petted a Siberian Tiger in the midst of passing rain showers. Yes, tiger fur sticks to your hand when it's damp.

6.) I have had my sneakers chewed on by wolf pups (while the sneakers were on my feet);

7.) I learned rapier and dagger at age sixteen;

8.) I was once trapped in an elevator with a boy who liked me. For 8 hellish minutes he sang "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds;"

9.) When invited out by a would-be date, I rejected him saying "I have to rearrange my sock drawer." See #8 if you're not sure why I'd do such a cruel thing;

10.) I am very familiar with the traditional Oriental saying "He who chases 2 rabbits catches neither" and yet I write for two vastly different genres (under two different names);

11.) In highschool I was driven from location to location by friends to tell people about the ghosts living in old houses and was strangely accurate with what they had found historically;

12.) My father suggested I should become a medium and work for someone like Hans Holzer.

13.) I can lose myself for days on writing or art. It is like therapy (but cheaper, I'd wager).

14.) I helped rescue a wounded owl that middle schoolers brought me on the sly in a VCR box;

15.) I was in Heathrow Airport immediately following last summer's plane bombing scares. What a mess!

16.) I was once rejected for a Tarot card reading by a psychic who said "Something dark is following you closely" and refused to tell me more other than to read Edgar Cayce's books and train in the way he suggested;

17.) Vitamin C tends to make me sick;

18.) Mixing Advil and Coca Cola has made me giddy more than once;

19.) I intended to lead a lonely life with writing, art and teaching until I fell in love because of a misunderstanding on the phone and blatant honesty afterwards.

Wow, there are so many more... Hope that fulfills my part of the "tagged" thing, Wandering Author ;-) . Apologies, but I'm not the type to tag others--although I'll gladly play the other part of the game :-)



RomanceWriter said...

LOL at 8 and 9. That could be a scene in a book.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Yes, a horror novel ;-)


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